Element i+ Immunodiagnostic Analyzer

Element i+®

Immunodiagnostic Analyser

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  • Large Color Touch Screen

    Easy to use interface makes testing simple

  • Accurate Results

    Reliable, quantitative results provide data when you need it

  • Cartridge Storage

    Room temperature storage simplifies managing inventory

  • Fast Results

    Get test results in as little as 5 minutes

  • Bi-Directional Interface

    Two way communication (when available) simplifies patient data entry with Practice Management Software Integration

  • Coming Soon

    SDMA, cCRP, Infectious disease and more.

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Simplified Testing Protocol and Immediate Diagnostic Information

Small Sample Size

Only 100uL volume of serum or lithium heparin required

Results and Reporting

Simple retrieval and sorting of previous patient results, with comprehensive reports including results from multiple analysers (Chemistry, Hematology, Immuno, etc.)

Convenient Cartridge

Fully self-contained micro-fluidic cartridge makes testing simple

I trust the accuracy of the machine. We checked a few samples run on Heska with an external reference lab and the results were very consistent.

Dr. Michael Callaghan BVSc, Dip Vet Clin Stud
Alcorn Street Vet

Technical Details & Downloads

Combine proprietary technology with a sleek, compact platform to bring you fast, accurate results with an expanding test menu.


The Element i+ Immunodiagnostic Analyser supports your diagnostic needs with the following tests:


  • Total T4: Screen for hyper or hypothyroidism and monitor patients being treated for thyroid disorders.
  • cTSH: Diagnose and monitor hypothyroidism in canines
  • Cortisol: Diagnose and monitor for patients with Cushing’s or Addison’s Disease.
  • Progesterone: Manage breeding and parturition and screen for reproductive diseases.

Coming Soon:

  • Nu.Q®, SDMA, cCRP, infectious disease, and more

Common Tests and Associations for Hypothyroidism:

  • Immunodiagnostic: Low Total T4 points to the possibility of hypothyroidism
  • Chemistry: Elevated cholesterol may be associated
  • Haematology
    • Mild anemia may be associated
    • Elevated white blood cell count may be associated


  • In the event you no longer have the supplied Lot-Specific USB drive with calibration files, please download files HERE.

Best-in-Class Technology:

  • Fluorescence immunoassay provides accurate, quantitative results.
  • Superior accuracy via proprietary fluorescence waveguide imunoassay technology, combined with laser evanescent illumination.

Convenience Features:

  • Fully self-contained micro-fluidic cartridge 
  • Simplified interface and operation with a small bench top footprint
  • Small 100 uL sample volume of serum or lithium heparin plasma


Element i+ Dimensions


Calibration File Download & Software Update Instructions

 >> In the event you no longer have the supplied Lot-Specific USB drive with calibration files OR if you need to update your analyzer software, please download files HERE.

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