View this recorded webinar and learn about neutrophil morphology.

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Nuances of Neutrophils: Mastering Interpretation
Presented by: Frances Moore, DVM, Diplomate ACVP

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Duration: 1h, 1 minute

How many CBC results do you review every day? Have you ever been puzzled by neutrophilia or neutropenia in your patients? This FREE 1-hour webinar presented by Dr. Frances Moore, Diplomate ACVP (anatomic and clinical pathology) will broaden your differential diagnoses with a focus on the causes of increased or decreased neutrophil count. Learn the artifacts that can lead to erroneous neutrophil counts. Clarify the appearance and know the significance of toxic change and left shifts. Review specific disease processes with diagnostic neutrophil morphology.

Highlights will include:
• Neutrophil kinetics
• Mechanisms of neutrophilia and neutropenia
• Noninfectious neutrophilia
• Artifactual neutrophilia and neutropenia