Lab Diagnostics

Element AIM AutomatedAI Microscopy

Element AIM Automated Artificial Intelligence Microscopy

The number one 2-in-1 solution to analyse #1 and #2…in minutes.

Vet with a husky

Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen and Monitor

Groundbreaking new blood test able to detect some of the most common forms of systemic cancer in canines.

trūRapid Series

trūRapid Series

Infectious and vector-borne disease testing.

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Digital Imaging

Cuattro DR HD Digital Radiography Table with Detector

Cuattro DR HD

A whole new category of Digital Radiography.

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ALLERCEPT Allergy Therapy Sample Vials

Allercept Testing

The gold standard in serum IgE testing.

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Contract Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Vial

Contract Manufacturing

USDA-Licensed Biologicals and FDA-Registered pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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